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The best defense against infectious disease – and you're doing it wrong

Medical Moments | Northside Hospital Podcast
Medical Moments | Northside Hospital Podcast
S2E2 – Handwashing: The best defense against infectious disease - and your doing it wrong

Handwashing has never had it so good. Sure, your mom has told you since you were a tot to wash your hands before you eat. And chances are, you ignored her and handled your food, fork and glass with your filthy hands, probably right after you wiped your nose and ears. But now – with the threat of coronavirus, flu and other infectious diseases looming around the world – handwashing now basks in the glow of global interest.

Handwashing is a primary personal defense against viruses. The trouble is, study after study tells says that we’re really bad at washing our hands – no matter if it’s with soap and water or hand sanitizer.

As many as 97 percent of wash our hands the wrong way. That’s where Randy Ennis comes in. He’s the infection prevention coordinator at Northside Hospital Cherokee. He teaches handwashing to the medical staff and spearheaded the installation of an electronic system that tracks hand hygiene.

In this episode, we talk about the right way to wash hands, how to avoid viruses and how handwashing is being communicated in other countries.

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