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S2E8 // I Just Made Them Smile

Persistent Northside volunteer pair spreads cheer despite pandemic perils

Medical Moments | Northside Hospital Podcast
Medical Moments | Northside Hospital Podcast
S2E8: I Just Made Them Smile

Many of us want to display poise in the face of peril. Find purpose in our lives. And make the people we meet smile. Not all of us, though, do all that during a global pandemic. But Don Eubanks and Esther Rothstein do.

They are volunteers at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. The Northside volunteer program is temporarily suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, Don and Esther have soldiered on. Out of hundreds of volunteers, they’re the only two still on duty. They received permission to continue their volunteer shifts because they work in the gift shop and don’t interact with patients.

They tell Medical Moments host Marlon Manuel why they volunteer, what their days are like and how much coronavirus worries them.