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Best gift for new mom, infant daughter: That they’re here at all after perilous moments

Medical Moments | Northside Hospital Podcast
Medical Moments | Northside Hospital Podcast
S3E1: MATERNITY SERVICES Journey to a First Christmas Part 1

Natalie Hudson and her husband will celebrate their first Christmas this year with a child, their 10-month-old daughter, Evelyn.

Perhaps the biggest present for the family is that Natalie and Evelyn are here at all. Natalie suffered two miscarriages before delivering Evelyn. And while Natalie had a trouble-free, full-term pregnancy with Evelyn, the day her daughter arrived was met by a series of delicate turns.

Natalie says the professionalism of one of Northside Hospital Atlanta’s labor and delivery nurses saved her life. In this two-part premiere for Season 3 of Medical Moments, Natalie shares her journey, which include a first Christmas on the family’s mini farm.

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Part 2 of Journey to a First Christmas

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