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Medical Moments | Northside Hospital Podcast
S3E3: CARDIO OBSTETRICS At the Heart of Improving Maternal Mortality

Cardio-obstetrics may be the most important medical practice that women thinking about having children have never heard of. It’s a relatively new field practiced by Dr. Michele Voeltz of the Northside Hospital Cardiovascular Institute.

This new line of service is especially important as the United States tackles the growing problem of maternal mortality – the death of a woman within 42 days of the end of her pregnancy. Maternal mortality is an important indicator of the health of a nation because many of the deaths are almost entirely preventable.

The U.S. has the worst maternal mortality rate among 11 developed countries. Dr. Voeltz’s expertise is especially important in Georgia. The state has the highest maternal mortality rate in the nation at 46 deaths for every 100,000 births.

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