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How a cancer survivor finds grace by staying off the internet and keeping up with friends

Medical Moments | Northside Hospital Podcast
Medical Moments | Northside Hospital Podcast
S2E9: Shattered Glass, Broken Bell

As a healthy mother of two, active golfer and part-time real estate agent, Betsy Gentry was never one to run to the doctor. So, it was extraordinary for her to go to the ER one Friday with acute stomach pain and a dull backache that had persisted for months.

She got an unexpected phone call while on the exam table as she waited for the ER doctor to come back and schedule what she assumed would be surgery to remove her appendix.

Gentry, a patient at the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, says she’s a generally positive person. But it took some attitude recalibration on her part when “cancer” became an active part of her vocabulary.

Gentry shared her journey with Medical Moments host Marlon Manuel.