Electronic Alert

S1E5 – 911 Heart Attack: “Time is Tissue”

A 911 call signals trouble. When the trouble is a heart attack – especially one known as a STEMI – the situation could be life-threatening. Some STEMIs earn the grim nickname “the widow maker.” EMS, emergency rooms and cath labs must coordinate in real-time to keep a STEMI from living up to its nickname. Northside Hospital Atlanta works in partnership with EMS providers who provide ambulance service. That collaboration starts with an EMS call from the field into the emergency department, which in turn alerts the cardiac cath lab team. Listen as everyone responds to a 911 call that sets everything into motion. To learn more about emergency services and heart and vascular care throughout the Northside Hospital Healthcare System, go to

Measles Vial

S1E4 – Measles: If a rash of cases break out in Atlanta, the ER may become a frontline defender

Measles is a childhood disease once thought vanquished in the US. The key has been a highly effective vaccine program. But measles is making a comeback as a small but growing number of parents decline vaccinations for their children. It’s known as “vaccine hesitancy.” Hospital emergency rooms are on alert after measles outbreaks Georgia, Washington, New York and at least 16 other states.