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S2E7: The Doctor Will See You Now

Chances are, you’ve canceled a doctor’s appointment, procedure or elective surgery because of COVID-19. But now’s the time for a safe return to everyday healthcare as officials have eased some restrictions designed to quell the global outbreak of coronavirus.

Man with hand on chest in pain


Across the U.S. and across the world, more people are avoiding hospital emergency rooms. Patients are fearful – and so are some physicians – of catching COVID-19. New York, Boston and Detroit are among the metropolitan areas reporting a sharp upturn in deaths at home.

Sleepy Woman on Bed

S2E5 – SHUT EYE BLUES: How COVID-19 lockdowns affect sleep

COVID-19 has robbed us of daily stability. Peace of mind. And our good night’s sleep. Anxiety is making us more restless. Many people have shared on social media that they’re having vivid dreams during this global period of lockdown and isolation.