Today’s dads have fears. How do I raise a child, change a diaper, keep my career, give love, get love? Rinse and repeat. There’s a training for that: Daddy Boot Camp. It’s focused on almost-dads – men who are weeks or months away from becoming dads. And they have a lot of questions, especially as the image of the modern dad is in flux. Even now, there’s an archetype of the bumbling dad, someone who might imperil a child, obliterate the house or otherwise pervade vast domestic ineptitude. That’s in contrast to a shifting image of the dad who shares parenting and providing roles with his partner. Listen to hear what dads fear and how they might cope. For more about parenting training, including Daddy Boot Camp, go to

People want to get fit. Maybe it’s to compete in a triathlon. Or keep up with their kids. Or heal after surgery. But the obstacles are great. Lack of time. Lack of will. Lack of knowledge. The third annual Fan Fit Festival at SunTrust Park convened to give fans of the Atlanta Braves and people who want more knowledge about fitness a chance to exercise and share what they know about staying active. Regular workouts can be effective for many fitness goals, but just getting moving – even walking a little each day – and have profound effects on long-term health and wellness. To learn more about fitness and sports medicine throughout the Northside Hospital Healthcare System, go to

A 911 call signals trouble. When the trouble is a heart attack – especially one known as a STEMI – the situation could be life-threatening. Some STEMIs earn the grim nickname “the widow maker.” EMS, emergency rooms and cath labs must coordinate in real-time to keep a STEMI from living up to its nickname. Northside Hospital Atlanta works in partnership with EMS providers who provide ambulance service. That collaboration starts with an EMS call from the field into the emergency department, which in turn alerts the cardiac cath lab team. Listen as everyone responds to a 911 call that sets everything into motion. To learn more about emergency services and heart and vascular care throughout the Northside Hospital Healthcare System, go to